We understand the importance of high value content and seamless user experience for both our customers, and mobile operator partners.

That’s why we offer Direct Carrier Billing to enable frictionless and secure payment experiences for consumers.

DCB Technology

  • DCB is the perfect way to pay for Gaming & Esports products - the fast-paced nature of the industry and the content consumption means that making payments conveniently and quickly is of paramount importance.
  • Paying directly via the mobile phone bill eliminates the need for credit cards, passwords, or additional payment gateways.
  • With our DCB technology, customers can enjoy hassle-free transactions, boosting both engagement from customers, and revenue for carriers.


  • DCB empowers mobile operators to tap into the vast, rapidly growing, Gaming & Esports sector, driving acquisitions and retention.
  • With our DCB solution, carriers can offer their customers seamless and secure payments, increasing conversions and expanding their monetization opportunities.
  • Our secure platform ensures safe transactions and detailed analysis meaning that, together with our carrier partners, we can optimize and maximize the potential together.